Dear friends,

Botanica started up as a wish, it became a project and when we found this post World War I house, it turned into reality.

The first thought was to create a flower shop with a table for two lovers, two coffees, two glasses of wine, lost between greenery, plants and flowers. This idea made us greedy for more, so we decided to open this hybrid called BOTANICA.

Here you can have your morning coffee, buy a bouquet of flowers or enjoy a live concert.

We want to earn friends, not customers and to collect stories measured in wine glasses, not in minutes.

What else!? We can organize your anniversary celebration and special event with inspirational design for each festive occasion in our location.

Planning your wedding? Leave the flower arrangements, bouquets, floral arches and table set-ups to us and we will create the perfect custom wedding scenery.

P.S. We love GIN, that’s why we have such a lovely collection of GIN TONICS.

Alex & Maria

exquisite arrangements for any ocasion
What We Do